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The company that eats together -

flourishes together.

Let's set your table.

When we help our people feel valued, seen and connected, our organization flourishes. 


The shared meal is one way to accomplish this in a remarkable and deep way.


The table reveals our shared humanity and fundamental sameness and holds the explosive potential to connect our teams, cultivate understanding and create a place of  camaraderie and unity

Turn-Key Tables

  • We help set an on-site table with staff, clients - whoever you would like to connect.

  • 'The Why of the Table’ - one hour in-person training with selected staff on the dynamics of the table and it’s power to transform.

  • Planning, production and post-event follow up.

  • Supply place-settings, tables and chairs for the event - as well as table decorations, invitations, name place-cards, conversation and connect cards.

  • If catered, we handle caterers, beverage and alcohol service.

What is a Table?

A Table is a single, long table and shared meal with a cross-section of your employees.


Set with our intentional 7 Table Customs,  we create a safe place for intentional sharing and conversation - the first steps to creating a culture of connection and belonging.


Plan the Table

We help you design the theme, discussion, decor and logistics, as well as provide all the supplies.

The Table

We eat! Potluck or catered, your team experiences the intentionality and magic of the long table.

Moving Forward

We reflect, listen and evaluate, followed by offering a path forward to a culture of connected, flourishing employees.

The Menu

One table, or an entire year of tables and our consulting journey,
let’s find what works best for you.


One Table

Tables, chairs and settings.


Includes custom table decorations, placards, question and connection cards.


One-hour training and planning session, ‘The Why of the Table’ and post-table debrief.


Two Tables + CAT

All of ‘Taste.’


Two tables on separate dates.


Culture Assessment Tool
(Surveys and interviews.) 
(Learn more)


Full Service

All of ‘Taste’ and ‘Gourmet.’


Two free tables.


12 hrs/month key people coaching.


Curated plan of small group learning co-horts, company keynotes and connection events.


*Food and alcohol not included 
in tables.

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