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KPIs for Culture

Measurable goals toward a culture of wholeness, connection + belonging.


Many leaders talk about culture - but how do we define meaningful goals and paths? And more importantly, how do we measure for improvement and growth? 


CAT is our comprehensive assessment and evaluation tool that measures five defining areas of cultural health.


The CAT is deployed to provide an initial assessment of your culture, then implemented quarterly for cultural check-ups and analysis.

When used in conjunction with in-person interviews, CAT reveals not only cultural health - but shows over time how we are growing and improving the connectedness and health of our culture. 


Sense of Connection + Belonging

Do employees feel authentic connections and have opportunities to connect in deeper and meaningful ways? Do they feel they are an integral part of the team and have ownership? Are there ways to connect cross-department and cross-generational? 

Trust + Loyalty

Do employees trust leadership, one another and have a sense of loyalty to the mission, the leaders and the company?

Social, Relational + Emotional Safety

Do employees feel safe to express and connect emotionally and socially? Are healthy boundaries in place? Is communication clear and open? Are there clear and safe ways to resolve conflict? Is the culture judgment free and open to diverse perspectives and stories? Is there fear in the culture, or a sense of security and safety?


Do employees have a sense of hopefulness for the future - for their role in the company, their personal development, for growing connection and relationships, for a fulfilling and bright future? Do your employees have hope for the good your company is offering clients and the community?


Whole Identity

Are employees invited and modeled to bring their whole identity to work, rather than work becoming their identity? Is the culture a safe place to express their full identity? Is authenticity and truthfulness invited, rather than masks and false selves, and fractured identities?

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