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Holiday Parties with Intention

Those holiday parties are right around the corner! Either dreaded or loved, there is no doubt companies can spend thousands of dollars on what is often, an unintentional, obligatory ritual.

As companies, we need to gather and celebrate!

But what if we could build intention into our holiday celebrations - where our employees feel more connected to one another? And not just an excuse to drink on the company dime?

Our conversations with employees reflect either A) dismay of having to take precious holiday time away for a company event or B) they enjoy the opportunity, but the moment provides little value other than a catered evening where they can seek out their existing friends within the company.

Here are a few ideas to build intention toward connection and belonging into your upcoming holiday party.

  • Find a way to encourage the exchange of personal stories rather than unguided conversation.

  • Help employees connect with others they don't regularly interact with - such as cross-department connection.

  • Encourage the telling of stories from the past year of challenges overcome, exceptional team work and victories - always highlighting individuals.

  • If there is a time for speeches, include a cross-section of employees (department, position, etc.) and encourage vulnerable and authentic sharing.

There's still time to build intention into your holiday gathering! Book a 45-minute call and we will be happy to structure opportunities into your already-planned party.

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